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Glass Christmas Pud. Looks lovely hangin



Alyson grew up by the sea in Dorset & was inspired by her father who was an eccentric commercial artist. She obtained a Master of Arts from the Royal College of Art in London. Previously she studied at Derby University & Shelley Park in Bournemouth.

Alyson worked in textile design in London & New York. Returning home to Poole, taught art to rehabilitate people with brain injuries. She started creating with stained glass in 2002.

Blessed with beautiful Dorset surroundings, Alyson is inspired by flowers, nature, bright colours, sea & countryside. Designs are hand-made & fused in glass. Collections  include colourful glass bunting, images of local scenes, beautiful beach huts, lighthouses, seagulls & robins. These are framed or in driftwood stands. 

Unique artwork can be commissioned and can incorporate names and dates. Every piece has an exciting colour combination & brings a sparkle of happiness into your home.

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Enquires welcome, please contact direct via email, phone or this website:                    07806 733786

All set up for the second day at Mudefor
A great day yesterday at Highcliffe Food


Alycatglass, Lilliput, Dorset, Uk 


Phone 07806 733786 

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